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Service, Excellence, and Consistency. I started my company in 1987, and realized very early on that it costs me five times as much to win a new customer, than to keep a current one.  Connecting with our customers is not as simple as delivering a service.  I have found it essential that I provide an unique customer experience by proactively anticipating the customers' needs, and working hard to exceed their expectations....each and every time.  

Driving Growth Through Dependable Quality. Since 2006 I have helped RJB to develop and implement many of the quality assurance practices that have encouraged our oraganization to expand and grow based on strong relationships.  When not ensuring that our crews around the country deliver on the promise of timely quality service I enjoy backcountry skiing and all the outdoor pursuits that Colorado has to offer. 

From Sales to Standards. Whether you are interested in developing a new relationship or managing an existing one, If I can't help you I will find someone who can.  My primary focus is to develop and maintain communication that is consistent with our core values from every outlet.  We consider effective communication an integral part of the construction process and constantly strive to improve it.      

It has been a while since we have stumbled across something new, however we are always looking. Having a management team with the combined experience of 112 years, everyday we provide valuable insight to determine the most appropriate situational solution.  Our talented crews and foreman have been operating in challenging retail environments on projects large and small for over a decade and every team member is familiar with a strategic set of standards developed specifically for these projects.  The policies and procedures are based on operational guidlines provided by more than 11 national retail outlets...

It is our mission to provide the highest quality finish and exceed expectations.  We encourage every member of our staff to be courteous and communicate quickly and clearly.  

Our Leed AP on staff helps to implement Environmentally responsible and resource efficient practices.  We are committed to reduce the overall impact of the coatings, sealants, and materials we utilize, on human health and the natural environment.

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Environmentally sensitive practices.

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Specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-based.  While it is our organizations desire to hire smart people, it is our mission to execute the plan

Strong business acumen is the result of consistently exercising sound judgement.  A quick mind that can assimilate information from many different sources and develop a sound solution.

Stability in buildings mostly come from the foundation.  That is why the construction of buildings take longer during the beginning. Our owner started in 1985 while in High School, and has been building upon that success.

A lot of companies have chosen to downsize, and maybe that was the right    thing for them.  We chose a different path.  Our belief is that if we keep reinvesting into our business and put great service and products in front of our customers, they will continue to engage with us.

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